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Wandering Bear is the eighth episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 4. It is the thirty-eighth episode overall. Producer/co-star Jeff Garlin has said that this is by far his favorite episode of the entire series.[1]


Larry calls Native American plant expert Wandering Bear to get rid of the poison oak in their backyard. Cheryl stopped taking birth control after Oscar bit Larry's penis, so Larry needs to either use condoms or get a vasectomy, since Cheryl is unwilling to either get pregnant or maintain abstinence any longer. Jeff Greene gives him some condoms which have a numbing ingredient to make him last longer. Larry puts the condom on inside out and completely numbs Cheryl's vagina.

Larry orders a video called College Girls Gone Wild, consisting of college girls flashing the camera. While watching it with Jeff, Larry goes to his car to get better glasses and unintentionally lets Oscar out. While driving around searching for him, he is distracted by another man driving a Prius who does not respond to his wave, and accidentally hits Oscar with his car. Oscar seems fine at first, but Larry and Jeff agree not to say anything about it to his wife Susie. The next morning Oscar is listless, and the veterinarian says his voice box has been strangled. Susie suspects Larry of taking revenge for the penis bite.

Larry consults Wandering Bear about Cheryl's vagina, and Wandering Bear gives him an herb to cure the problem. Larry's assistant, Antoinette is distracted by her breakup and it has led to a decline in her work. Larry wants to fire her, but is afraid that if he does so she will publicly expose all his secrets.

Wandering Bear visits the Greenes' to demand full payment for the work he did on their house; Susie has insisted on paying him only the amount given in the estimate. When Wandering Bear notices Oscar's listlessness, he cures him with a mysterious chant. Oscar then chases after Larry to get back at him for hitting him with the car.


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