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"Vow of Silence" is the fifth episode of the eighth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is the seventy-fifth episode overall.


Sammy gets into an acting program in New York City, so Jeff and Susie are going to New York for 3 months. At their going away party, Larry meets Vance, a spiritual man who has taken a vow of silence which allows him to mouth everything, which no one can understand (and this bothers Larry). At that party, Larry accuses a woman of doing a "chat and cut", pretending to be close with someone at the head of the line in order to cut the line.

On a sadder note, Susie finds out that Oscar needs to be put down that day, so she asks Larry and Jeff to get Oscar's favorite food for his last meal, coconut frozen yogurt from Pinkberry. They get the yogurt (and Larry is accused of doing a chat and cut in Pinkberry), but they wind up accidentally eating it all on the car ride to the vet's. They run into Vance on the way back and Vance sees Larry eating the yogurt and tries to make small "talk" with him, but Larry briskly tells him he doesn't understand him. Later, Oscar sadly dies.

At Oscar's funeral, Vance finds out about Oscar's frozen yogurt and hears about how Pinkberry was "closed" from Susie. He tries to tell her about Larry and Jeff eating the froyo, but due to his inability to speak, no one understands him.

Larry also runs into a man who wants him to do a day-long charity event for disabled children, which Larry does not want to go to. He tells the man he will be away in New York that weekend, but when the event is postponed to a few days later, Larry tells him he will actually be moving to New York for 3 months because he and Jerry Seinfeld are working on a new show. When the man offers him to stay at his friend's place, Larry realizes he has to actually move to New York for 3 months, with Jeff and Susie.

Larry puts a nasty note on someone's car that parked over the line, only to realize it was Vance's car. Vance is so angry that he tells Susie about Larry and Jeff eating Oscar's yogurt and Susie tells Larry she is so glad she is moving to New York for 3 months and won't have to see him. Larry tells her he is moving there, too.

When Larry is on the plane to New York, he forgets about lunch with Richard Lewis, who is once again stuck at a restaurant waiting for Larry.