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Curb Your Enthusiasm
Season 7, Episode 2
Air date September 27, 2009
Written by Larry David
Directed by Larry Charles
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Vehicular Fellatio is the second episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7. It is the sixty-second episode overall.


Larry David's girlfriend Loretta Black has cancer, and Larry wants to break up with her. However, he thinks it is wrong to break up with someone with cancer, so he has to find a way to get her to decide on this herself. He finds out about an oncologist who influences cancer patients to end "toxic" relationships in their lives. Larry goes to meet with this oncologist and purposefully acts like a jerk in front of the woman to get her to influence Loretta to dump him.

Larry also goes to dinner with Jeff Greene, Richard Lewis, and his new girlfriend, but when Larry finds out that she gave Richard Lewis oral sex in the car on the way there, Larry refuses to share her drink, and she is offended.

Later, when on the way to a seminar with the oncologist, Loretta sees her give her husband oral sex in the car in front of them, and decides she will never listen to a woman who does such a thing. When Larry goes in to the oncologist's office to tell her Loretta no longer wants to see her, the oncologist suggests that Larry is only saying this because he doesn't want Loretta to leave him, and that his suggestion of what she did is immature.

Larry agrees to apologize to Richard Lewis' girlfriend, but Richard Lewis mistakenly makes a bad hand signal, and Larry ends up telling her the truth, instead of the agreed-upon lie, which is that he didn't want to share drinks because he had a cold sore.

Larry also finds out that Leon Black is sleeping with a married woman, who is married to his best friend. Leon tells Larry that because they're friends, Larry is just as responsible for the affair as he is. Larry agrees to hide the woman in his car when she is over at the house so that when Leon's friend comes over looking for her, he doesn't find her. Loretta Black comes home to see the woman rise up from the bottom of the car with Larry in the driver's seat, and she assumes that the woman was giving Larry oral sex. She promptly dumps Larry and leaves the house with Auntie Rae and her children, but Leon Black remains in the house, eating Chinese food.

Later, when Larry is driving he notices a crashed car, and when he goes over to help, he realizes Jeff was driving the car and his wife Susie Greene was giving him oral sex while he was driving.