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Vehicular Fellatio is the second episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7. It is the sixty-second episode overall.


Larry David wants to break up with his girlfriend Loretta Black. However, he thinks it is wrong to break up with someone with cancer. He finds out about oncologist Dr. Karen Trundle, who influences cancer patients to end "toxic" relationships in their lives. Larry meets with Trundle and purposefully acts like a jerk in front of Loretta to get her to influence Loretta to dump him.

Larry goes to dinner with Jeff Greene, Richard Lewis, and Richard's new girlfriend, who Jeff says gave Richard oral sex in the car on the way there. Because of this, Larry refuses to kiss her goodbye, and she is offended. Richard demands an explanation. Jeff signals not to mention the fellatio tip-off, so Larry says he has a cold sore.

On the way to a seminar with Trundle, Loretta and Larry see Trundle's husband in the car in front of them. Trundle raises her head from his lap area, and Loretta assumes she gave him oral sex, prompting her to abort the seminar trip. When Larry goes in to Trundle's office, Trundle confronts Larry about Loretta's absence from the seminar, accusing him of keeping her away to preserve their relationship. He tells her the truth about her assumed vehicular fellatio, only for her to reveal she was just retrieving a mobile phone from the pedal area. Seeing an opportunity to further lower his standing in her eyes, Larry insists on the fellatio interpretation.

Larry agrees to apologize to Richard's girlfriend, and Richard says to "just tell her the truth", still believing it was a cold sore. Larry tells her what Jeff told him, which infuriates her to the point of driving off, because she assumes Richard must have told Jeff.

Leon Black asks Larry to call his best friend and wish him happy birthday because he is a Seinfeld fan. He says that his friend's wife is beautiful. Larry mentions this in the phone call, which the friend interprets to mean Leon is sleeping with his wife. Leon angrily confronts Larry over this, revealing that he is in fact sleeping with his friend's wife, and that is indeed what he meant when she said she was beautiful. He also says that because they're friends, Larry is just as responsible for the affair as he is. Larry agrees to hide the woman from Leon's friend in his car when she is over at the house. Loretta comes home to see the woman rise up from the bottom of the car with Larry in the driver's seat, and assumes the woman was giving Larry oral sex. She dumps Larry and leaves the house with Auntie Rae and her children, but Leon remains in the house, eating Chinese food.

Later, when Larry is driving he notices a crashed car. He goes over to help, and realizes Jeff was driving the car and his wife Susie Greene was giving him oral sex while he was driving. Jeff is trapped by his seatbelt. Larry gets his exacto knife to free him, but cannot get the knife out of its blister pack.