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The TiVo Guy is the seventh episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 6. It is the fifty-seventh episode overall.


Cheryl David encounters a dangerous amount of turbulence on her plane, and she thinks there is a chance the plane might crash. She calls Larry David to tell him she loves him, but he can't hear her, and he blows her off because he has finally gotten a hold of the TiVo guy. When she arrives home, she tells Larry that she wants a divorce, partially due to his behavior when she was on the plane, but also due to general annoying things he does all the time.

She also admits she has fallen for the man sitting next to her on the plane, who owns a fly-less boxers underwear company called "No Fly Zone".

Larry goes on a failed date with Lucy Lawless, even though he is still determined to win Cheryl back. He also loses most of his friends, as many of them choose Cheryl. Even his favorite restaurant sides with Cheryl and will no longer seat him.