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The Therapists is the ninth episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 6. It is the fifty-ninth episode overall.


Larry David is trying to get back together with his estranged wife, Cheryl David. He has developed a "New Larry" who dresses smartly, rarely complains, and most importantly, holds Cheryl's happiness as his primary concern. Things go well when they meet for drinks, so he asks her out to dinner and a movie. After getting her therapist's approval, Cheryl agrees to the date.

Larry talks with his own therapist, Dr. Bright, who advises him to tell Cheryl he loves her during the movie and give an ultimatum to move back in with him during dinner, reasoning that he needs to prove to Cheryl he is not a coward. Larry has reservations and says it was not cowardice but selfishness which led Cheryl to leave him, but Bright ends the session early so he can see another patient. Larry follows his advice, and Cheryl angrily storms out of the restaurant. She disbelieves him when he protests that his therapist told him to give an ultimatum.

Larry berates Bright for the terrible advice, and brings him to Cheryl's place so he can tell her the ultimatum was his idea. Cheryl accepts the explanation but says she needs to consult with her therapist, Dr. Slavin, before moving forward. Recognizing that any progress in his relationship with Cheryl needs to be approved by her therapist, Larry devises a plan to get Slavin to see him in a more positive light. Bright poses as a robber and mugs Slavin, Larry leaps in to recover her purse and chase off the "robber", and while getting to know her over coffee, talks about his anxiety over Cheryl leaving him and how he gave Richard Lewis a kidney (in "The End").

Bright is caught by police, and Cheryl cuts off contact with Larry, saying Dr. Slavin said not to see him any more. Suspecting that Slavin did this because she has fallen in love with him, Larry tells her he has been diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer's disease. As he hoped, Slavin is no longer interested in him without hope of a real future, yet also feels Cheryl should be with him in his last days. His luck holds out as police are unable to hold Bright without an eyewitness description, and since Slavin did not see him clearly and Larry claims to have forgotten his face due to the Alzheimer's, Bright is released. Larry and Cheryl resume dating. He again tells her he loves her, and this time Cheryl reciprocates.

Traumatized by his 24 hours in prison, Bright begins seeing Dr. Slavin to recover his will to get back to work. Though he seemingly maintains patient confidentiality while discussing his mishaps with Larry, Slavin recognizes the events he describes and informs Cheryl.