Curb Your Enthusiasm
Season 6, Episode 9
Curb-Your-Enthusiasm-6 9-150x150
Air date November 4, 2007
Written by Larry David
Directed by David Mandel
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The Therapists is the ninth episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 6. It is the fifty-ninth episode overall.


Larry David is upset that his therapist is not giving him adequate advice in terms of how to get back together with his separated wife, Cheryl David. He sees Cheryl, who says that although she still has feelings for Larry, she can't consider getting back together with him unless her therapist says it's okay. Because her therapist has not agreed to this, Larry devises a ridiculous plan, to get his therapist to pose as a robber and attack Cheryl's therapist. He would save Cheryl's therapist, and in doing so, slip in who he was, and she would tell Cheryl what a good person he was. This plan goes forth, except for the fact that Cheryl's therapist develops feelings for him, and his therapist goes to jail. Larry tells Cheryl's therapist that he is suffering from dementia, in hopes that she will no longer be interested in him, but that she will want Cheryl to be with him in his last days.