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The Survivor is the ninth episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 4. It is the thirty-ninth episode overall.


Larry and Cheryl are preparing to renew their wedding vows for their tenth anniversary. Larry only has till midnight on their anniversary to redeem his present, the offer to sleep with another woman once (discussed first in the episode Mel's Offer). Larry consults his rabbi about this and the rabbi assures him that the arrangement in fact has precedent in the Torah, when Abraham took Hagar as his concubine at his infertile wife Sarah's urging. The rabbi also asks to bring a "survivor" to Larry's dinner party. Larry, assuming that he means a Holocaust survivor, agrees, and also invites his father's friend Solly, a Holocaust survivor. He is dismayed to learn that the rabbi's survivor friend is Colby, a contestant from the television show Survivor. At dinner, Solly and Colby get into a heated argument over who had it harder, which ends with Solly accidentally splattering gravy on Larry.

Cheryl includes the line that their marriage will continue into the afterlife in her vow. Larry is annoyed and says he thought they would be single in the afterlife. On their way to the vow renewal ceremony, Solly's glass eye reflects light which hurts Larry's eyes. Solly believes Larry's covering his eyes is a mockery, and Cheryl accidentally spills wine on Larry's suit. Before the vow renewal ceremony, Larry offends the rabbi by saying "let's roll" since the rabbi's brother-in-law died on September 11, uptown, in a bicycle accident. He also offends Cheryl by delivering his vows in the style of a stand-up routine and repeating the "until death" limitation. He then stomps on the glass too early, driving glass shards into the rabbi's hands.

Larry gets a sexual offer from his dry cleaner, a Hasidic woman named Anna. Jeff Greene warns Larry to bring a sheet with a hole in it. Larry believes this to be a myth about Hasidic Jews, but Susie Greene insists that it is true. Larry appears in the bedroom wrapped in a sheet with a hole in it, believing the myth until she corrects him. However, there is an earthquake and Larry and Anna must leave the motel, wearing only the sheet with the hole in it. He sees Colby there, who says, "Larry, we survived!"