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The Special Section is the sixth episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 3. It is the twenty-sixth episode overall.


The show opens with Larry (Larry David) in New York, on the set of director Martin Scorsese's new gangster film. Larry is playing an angry mob boss, chewing out his goons. At one point, he throws a wad of money at them. After getting some direction from Scorsese, he asks for more fake money to throw. He complains to Cheryl (Cheryl Hines) that Scorsese is doing too many takes, and they will miss their plane back to L.A.

He returns home and stops in on his father, Nat (legendary standup comic Shelley Berman), who eventually tells Larry that while he was in New York, his mother died, and they had a funeral. "She said, 'Don't bother Larry,'" Nat explains. Larry's cousin, Andy (Richard Kind), who came from New York for the funeral, tells Larry, "You missed a nice one." Larry is upset about not being called, but his mood improves when he realizes that his mother's death allows him to renege on all his social obligations.

Richard Lewis tells Larry that he's taken up yoga, and Larry tells Lewis about mantras. Because Lewis doesn't have a mantra, and is too embarrassed to go to a yogi to get one, Larry lets him use his old one, "jai-ya." Later, Larry has a change of heart and wants the mantra back. Lewis accuses him of being "an East Indian giver." Lewis later tells Larry that the mantra means "fuck me".

When Larry goes to visit his mother's grave, he finds out that she's been moved to a non-consecrated "special section" of the Jewish cemetery, because they found out she had a tattoo on her right buttock. Larry devises and carries out a crazy scheme to move her body back to the original cemetery plot by bribing the gravedigger.

Larry is arrested for spending fake movie money.