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The Smiley Face is the fourth episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8. It is the seventy-fourth episode overall.


Larry David begins dating Heidi, the hostess at one of his favorite restaurants. He is not bothered by the fact that he is "shitting where he eats" as Richard Lewis and Jeff Greene warn him, but he does mind the fact that Heidi uses smiley faces in her texts. A couple Larry dislikes (including a man who hugs Larry far too much) arrives at the restaurant while he is with Jeff. Jeff lies and says he can't have dinner with them because he and his wife Susie Greene "aren't doing so great right now".

Larry is also annoyed by two other things- his assistant, Antoinette, has been taking care of her sick father for too long, and it doesn't seem like he is going to die anytime soon. In addition, Dino aka Big Dog, a producer who works in Larry's building, has taken two of the three cabinets in the kitchen and crammed all of Larry's things into one cabinet, also refusing to let Larry put anything on the counter. The couple who Jeff lied to arrive at Larry's office and somehow take Larry's high tone of voice to mean that Jeff is having an affair behind Susie's back.

Heidi gets annoyed with Larry because he won't say "I'm sorry" when she tells him her father died two years ago (in his opinion, the "I'm sorry" window had closed), and also asks her to pay back $60 which she borrowed from him. Knowing how much he hates smiley faces, she draws one with 100 SPF sunscreen on his head.

Antoinette's father dies on the one day she comes into the office, and she is distraught, and blames Larry. Larry goes to her father's funeral, but he has a smiley face suntanned into his forehead, so he looks insincere. He has Antoinette's mother take over for her briefly, because she says she needs something to take her mind off her mourning.

Susie finds out about Jeff's "affair" even though he isn't actually having one, and when she sees him comforting Antoinette's mother, she assumes that is the woman he is sleeping with and beats up Jeff. Meanwhile, Dino aka Big Dog has locked the entire kitchen.

Larry then goes to eat at the restaurant despite Heidi telling him not to. He explains that he "shat where he ate" and will now "eat where he shat". However, he feels sick after Heidi spikes Larry's food. Upon asking her whether she put something in the food, Heidi replies "no" in a high pitched voice meaning she is lying.