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The Ski Lift is the eighth episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 5. It is the forty-eighth episode overall.


Time is running out for Richard Lewis to get his needed kidney transplant. Larry David, his best friend, is hoping that Richard's comatose cousin will die in time to give him a kidney, so Larry won't need to give up his. Richard makes out his will and leaves Larry his Mickey Mantle 500-home-run ball. Larry runs into George Lopez at the hospital. George tells him that the head of the kidney consortium, Ben Heineman (Stuart Pankin), is willing to bend the rules for his friends.

Larry runs into Lisa (Mo Collins), Richard Lewis's nurse, who tells him she used to date Jeff Greene (Jeff Garlin) and that he has a tiny penis. When Larry tells Jeff, Jeff says that in fact, Lisa has a huge vagina. Larry thinks that big vagina women are claiming their lovers have small penises to conceal their own inadequacies. Jeff invites Larry and Cheryl to a ski lodge with him and Susie (Susie Essman) for the weekend, but Larry says he hates ski trips.

Larry retains PI Omar Jones to find out more about Heineman. Omar reports that Heineman is a huge Yankees fan and an Orthodox Jew. Omar accidentally leaves a pair of edible underwear in Larry's house. Larry runs after Omar to return them, but when a neighbor glances in his direction he stuffs them in a jacket pocket and forgets about them.

Larry finds Ben Heineman's car and purposefully hits it with his own car, leaving a note with his contact information. When Larry and Ben meet for lunch, he offers to pay for any damages, and pretends to be Orthodox as well, which includes muttering faux Yiddish. After Ben mentions that he loves skiing, Larry invites Ben and his daughter Rachel (Iris Bahr) along on the ski trip.

Larry suggests he give Richard's baseball to Ben to accelerate the friendship, but the baseball is missing. Since Richard has only had close friends visit and Lisa's nurse outfit has no place where she could conceal such a large object, Larry suspects Lisa stole it by hiding it in her unusually large vagina.

At the ski lodge, because Larry has pretended to be an Orthodox Jew, he has to pretend that Susie is his wife, since his wife Cheryl David (Cheryl Hines) is a Gentile, and Cheryl has to pretend to be married to Jeff. Larry says he met Susie when playing in a band called Larry David and the Hipsters, and Susie fell for him because she felt sorry for him.

Ben offers to put Richard's name at the top of the kidney transplant list, and encourages Rachel to go back down the mountain with Larry while he returns to the lodge. Partway up, the ski lift breaks, trapping Larry and Rachel. They get hungry, and digging in his pocket Larry finds the edible panties, which he uses for sustenance. According to Jewish law, a single woman can't be alone with a man after dark. With two minutes to go before sundown, the lift still has not been fixed, so Rachel says one of them must jump off. Larry refuses, so she has him hold her phone and jumps off. Realizing this incident will destroy his friendship with Ben, Larry uses Rachel's phone to call Richard to let him know the scheme has failed and ask if he has seen his phone. He tells Richard he will call his phone. A moment later, Richard hears Larry's ringtone coming from Lisa and suspects she put it inside her vagina.