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The Reunion is the third episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7. It is the sixty-third episode overall.


NBC tries to convince Larry David to do a Seinfeld reunion show. Larry thinks reunion shows are invariably "lame", but Jeff Greene convinces Larry to meet with NBC to turn them down so they will stop badgering him. At the NBC building Larry bumps into his ex-wife Cheryl David, who was auditioning for an acting role. Cheryl encourages him to do the Seinfeld reunion, saying reunion shows are always charming, and asks him to recommend her for a part in it. Seeing the potential to get back together with Cheryl and to again enjoy the camaraderie and esteem of the Seinfeld cast, Larry agrees to do the show, and proposes that the story center on George trying to get back together with his ex-wife, planning to give the part to Cheryl. Head of NBC Sammy Goodman is elated and gives Larry and Jeff Lakers tickets.

Larry persuades Jerry Seinfeld to do the reunion, and Jerry thinks Meg Ryan would be great for the part of the ex-wife. Jason Alexander doesn't think viewers will believe someone like George could have had a lasting marriage, but also agrees to the reunion because he wants to make up for the notoriously bad Seinfeld series finale. Julia Louis-Dreyfus dislikes reunion shows but agrees to it when she hears that Jerry and Jason are on board. Michael Richards is distracted by the erotic photos hung up on the walls of the restaurant where he meets with Larry, and absently agrees to do the show.

Larry and Jeff are irate when the Lakers tickets turn out to be near the top of the stadium. Borrowing another attendee's binoculars, they spot Sammy sitting at courtside, and see him screen a phone call from Larry. Larry tells Sammy off after the game in an obscenity-filled rant. Fearing the reunion show will be called off, Jeff and Jerry both demand Larry apologize to Sammy.

Susie Greene has Lyme Disease and Larry figures this out for her, and in doing so "saves her life". Dissatisfied with Larry's begrudging apology, Sammy says they will not do the reunion show, and exhibits the same symptoms as Susie. Larry briefly considers keeping quiet about it. Instead, he tells Sammy he might have Lyme Disease, and Sammy decides to pick up the reunion show. Larry calls to tell Jerry, who says he bumped into Meg Ryan and she agreed to play George's ex-wife. Horrified, Larry realizes he now has to do the reunion show but without the compensation of getting Cheryl back.