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The Lefty Call is the fourth episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 6. It is the fifty-fourth episode overall.


Larry David regrets giving Richard Lewis' girlfriend, Cha Cha, a job at his office near the door, because every time he uses the bathroom, she tries to make small talk with him.

At a restaurant, Susie Greene tells the waiter to pack up her lunch so she can feed it to her dog when she gets home. The waiter says he won't pack it up for her if she's going to give it to the dog, so Larry offers to eat it, when secretly he is just giving it back to Susie so she can give it to her dog. The waiter poisons the food with laxatives, which makes Susie's dog very sick. Larry goes in to say he was sick all day, but the waiter sees Cha Cha there and asks her how many times Larry used the bathroom. Because Cha Cha is annoyed with Larry for speaking awkwardly and with a creepy tone on a "lefty call" with her (using the left hand) she rats him out and says she hadn't seen him use the bathroom more than a few times that day.

Real World References[]

When Larry is caught using the environmentally harmful toilet paper by Cheryl, the movie East Meets Watts can be seen playing in the background.