Curb Your Enthusiasm
Season 7, Episode 4
Air date October 11, 2009
Written by Larry David
Directed by Alec Berg
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The Hot Towel is the fourth episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7. It is the sixty-fourth episode overall.


Larry David gets burned by a hot towel on an airplane after scolding a man for wearing shorts in public. He goes to his doctor for the burn, and asks his doctor for his home phone number, in case of emergencies. His doctor reluctantly gives it to him. Larry doesn't plan to call him, but ends up doing so by accident several times.

At Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen's anniversary party, Larry gets annoyed when Christian Slater eats all the caviar, and when his gift of a $300 restaurant gift certificate is upstaged by Susie Greene and Jeff Greene's daughter, Sammy Greene singing a song for Ted and Mary. Larry stops her in the middle of the song, and later gets annoyed with Ted and Mary when they use Larry's gift certificate to take Susie and Jeff out for dinner.

He also runs into his ex-girlfriend Mary Jane Porter, and they go out on a date, where Larry, to prove to Susie and Jeff, that he actually does hate when everyone sings (in order to absolve himself of shushing their daughter), shushes the professional Italian opera singer at the restaurant, who is crushed by this. When Larry is making out with her at her house, he finds out that she has a burly boyfriend. He leaves her house, but later while he is working out in shorts, he finds out that Mary-Jane Porter has give her boyfriend Larry's address and he is on his way to confront Larry.

Panicked, Larry leaves his house in shorts and rushes into his doctor's house, who refuses to keep him safe. He then goes to Ted Danson's with whom he ends up having an argument. Ted slams his door. Larry then goes to the Greenes' house. Susie reluctantly lets him stay for the night, but kicks him out when he tells her daughter to "shut the f--- up" when she is singing loudly in her room.

Back at the restaurant to build up the confidence of the opera singer, Larry ends up running from Mary Jane Porter's boyfriend again, and Christian Slater rats Larry out and tells the boyfriend where he is, as payback for Larry telling Mary that he ate all the caviar.

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