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The Hot Towel is the fourth episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7. It is the sixty-fourth episode overall.


Larry David gets burned by a hot towel on an airplane after scolding a man for wearing shorts in public. He goes to his doctor for the burn, and asks his doctor for his home phone number. His doctor reluctantly gives it to him. Larry says he doesn't plan to call him, but reaches him when pressing the wrong contact.

At Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen's anniversary party, Christian Slater eats a large portion of the caviar, and when Mary complains about this, Larry tells her it was Christian. Larry's gift of a $300 restaurant gift certificate is followed by Susie Greene and Jeff Greene's daughter, Sammy Greene singing a song for Ted and Mary. Sammy's singing is painfully bad, so Larry stops her in the middle of the song, humiliating her.

He also runs into his ex-girlfriend Mary Jane Porter, who asks him out on a date. At the restaurant they see Ted and Mary, using Larry's gift certificate to take Susie and Jeff out for dinner. Larry angrily confronts them, arguing that such a gift certificate comes with an obligation to take out the giver whenever using it. To defend himself from Susie and Jeff's outrage over shushing Sammy, he claims to hate it when anyone sings, and to prove it shushes the restaurant's professional Italian opera singer, who is crushed by this. When Larry is making out with Mary Jane at her house, he removes his hand bandage so that he can handle the clasp to her bra. She gets a call from her boyfriend, who is coming over, so Larry flees. Later while he is working out, Mary Jane calls and alerts him that her boyfriend found his discarded bandage, pried his address out of her, and is on his way to confront Larry.

Panicked, Larry leaves his house and rushes first to his doctor's house, then to Ted Danson's, both of whom refuse sanctuary out of disgust for his workout shorts. Larry then goes to the Greenes' house. Susie reluctantly lets him stay the night, but kicks him out when he tells Sammy to "shut the f--- up" when she is singing in her room.

Back at the restaurant to build up the confidence of the opera singer, Larry runs from Mary Jane's boyfriend again. Christian Slater tells the boyfriend where Larry is, as payback for Larry telling Mary that he ate all the caviar.