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The Grand Opening is the tenth episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 3. It is the thirtieth episode overall.


Larry David is about to open the restaurant he has been working on for the entirety of Season 3. Cheryl David tells Larry that her doctor wants her to take a colon cleanse for her cough because it cleans out the entire body. Larry goes to the store to get the colon cleanse, embarrassed and muttering, "It's for my wife." On the way to the checkout, he runs into the chef he hired for the restaurant, wearing a toupee. He previously hired the chef, giving him preference because he was bald and didn't wear a hat or toupee. He fires the chef after noticing the toupee but unfortunately needs another chef ASAP.

After getting into a fight with a restaurant reviewer, and offering to make amends, the restaurant reviewer recommends a haughty French chef who won't work with salmon, capers, or olives, but who is otherwise a fabulous chef. Larry hires the new chef, only to realize he has Tourette's syndrome, and curses. This will be a problem because the restaurant layout is such that the chef will be cooking in front of the people.

Later, Larry and Cheryl get stuck in a car wash, right before Cheryl realizes she needs to use the bathroom. Cheryl has to jump out of the car in order to defacate in the middle of the car wash, and in doing so, she needs to cancel on lunch with Susie Greene, who suspects Cheryl is only canceling lunch in revenge, since Susie cancelled lunch on her before.

When Larry goes to the restaurant for the grand opening, the chef begins cursing and in order to cover up for him, Larry and Jeff Greene begin shouting expletives as well. In the middle of all this, Susie Greene barges in, shouting real expletives meant for Cheryl.