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The Doll is the seventh episode of Season 2 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is the 17th overall episode.


Larry and Julia successfully pitch the show to ABC. However, Larry upsets ABC executive Lane Michaelson's 6-year-old daughter, Tara, by cutting the hair off her antique doll, Judy (she asked him to, because she thought it would grow back). Lane's wife, Anne, confronts Larry and states that she cannot replace the doll, because it is out of production. Jeff comes to Larry's aid, and reveals that his daughter, Sammy, has a very large collection of dolls in her bedroom, and she may also have a Judy doll. Larry is worried that Sammy will miss the doll, but Jeff assures Larry that Sammy will never know, since she doesn't play with it anymore. Larry and Jeff go to Jeff's house, and after some searching in Sammy's bedroom, they find Judy on a shelf. However, Larry accidentally knocks down the shelf while trying to get the doll, and to make matters worse, Susie comes home. Larry, unable to hide the doll in his jacket, takes off the head and puts it down his pants.

Larry gives the head to Anne, who swaps it onto the head of Tara's doll with Tara none the wiser. When Larry and Jeff get back to Jeff's house, Susie, having heard Sammy's screams over the decapitated doll, angrily confronts them and demands they bring her back the head. Larry and Jeff go back to the Michaelsons' house, where Larry requests the short-haired Judy head from Anne. Larry gives the short-haired head to Susie. She feels that something is off, but Larry and Jeff insist that it's exactly the same, and leave. That night at the premiere, Susie sees Tara's Judy doll with the intact head and threatens revenge on Larry. Disgusted by the state of the men's room, Larry makes use of the ladies' room and puts a cold water bottle down his pants (his groin was itching horribly, due to an allergic reaction caused by the doll's hair). Tara comes in and finds Larry. She thanks him for replacing her doll's head and hugs him. She feels the water bottle in his pants while hugging him, and alerts her mother. Larry escapes out the window.


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