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The Divorce is the first episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8. It is the seventy-first episode overall.


Larry David pesters Cheryl David about a glass stain she left on a wooden table after they start to get back together, which forces her to divorce him after all. When Larry meets her bald lawyer, he calls him "Baldy" and says it is the same thing as black people calling each other the N-word.

Larry has a great amount of faith in his lawyer, Berg, until he sees Berg on a motorcycle, hears that Berg went to Catholic school, and concludes that Berg isn't Jewish. He eventually fires Berg, and instead hires a lawyer named Hiram Katz after he defends Larry in a restaurant where the restaurant owner forces Larry to pay for two servings of the buffet because he shares his serving with Jeff Greene.

Larry's friend, Joe O'Donnell, the owner of the Dodgers, is also going through a divorce. His thirteen-year-old daughter Kiera O'Donnell arrives at Larry's house to sell girl scout cookies, but ends up getting her first period there. Larry gives her some of Cheryl's tampons, but when she says she doesn't know how to use one, Larry tries to explain it to her through the bathroom door. When her father hears about this, he refuses to let Larry in his house, let alone come to the Dodger's game. Larry makes it up to him by recommending Hiram Katz for his divorce attorney.

In the end, Hiram Katz turns out to be a bad lawyer, and Joe O'Donnell loses the Dodgers to his ex-wife. Larry panics since Katz will be handling his divorce, so he runs to the law office to get a hold of everyone before the papers are signed. However, Joe O'Donnell punches him in the face in the elevator, and he has to put a tampon in his nose to stop the bleeding.