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The Car Periscope is the eighth episode of Season 8 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is the seventy-eighth episode overall.


Larry David and Jeff Greene are about to invest in an inventor who has created a periscope for a car, so a driver can see further in traffic and make decisions based upon that. Larry insists that he is an inventor too because he has many ideas for inventions, but Jeff tells him that he isn't an inventor unless the invention is implemented.

After seeing the inventor, Larry notices his wife is very plain-looking. Later, we see Larry David talking to Wanda Sykes, who has also come to NYC about his new personal trainer and how the personal trainer has completely fixed his arm, which was previously injured.

Larry also goes to a party of a friend whose elderly father once played a judge on one of Larry's favorite TV shows. When he goes to visit the old man, he sees a one-armed man playing Scrabble with him. Larry takes the man's place for one round, and is outraged when the old man uses a slur against Jews when Larry tells him he is a huge fan of his show. When the old man's son comes in, he notices that the score is biased against is father, and believes that Larry was cheating his father in the game, when it was actually the mysterious one-armed man. Larry explains that a one-armed man was doing it, but the son doesn't believe him, given that he doesn't remember anyone who looked like that being at the party.

Larry eventually decides to invest in the car periscope, especially after noticing that his financial advisor, who has a gorgeous wife, says he should not do it. He believes the inventor is more likely to be a man of integrity because of his plain wife. He also gets into a car chase involving the periscope, chasing the one-armed man who framed him for cheating with Scrabble.

Larry goes to the movies with the inventor and his wife and makes the mistake of refusing to let his wife hold his popcorn, afraid she will eat it all. When he says the inventor is "obviously" a man of integrity, pointing to his wife, they become outraged and Larry runs out of the movie theater, and eventually Larry bumps into the old man who he supposedly cheated out of a Scrabble game. Because Larry's personal trainer has since moved onto Wanda Sykes, since she offers him more money, Larry's arm is once again injured and in a sling. The old man points to him and calls him a "one armed man", which his son hears.