Curb Your Enthusiasm
Season 5, Episode 2
L curb Jodi-744871
Air date October 2, 2005
Written by Larry David
Directed by Larry Charles
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The Larry David Sandwich
The Christ Nail

Larry David hires a private investigator to sort out whether or not he is adopted, since his father, when sick, muttered something that sounded like "you're adopted" to Larry. The PI says he normally only helps people if they contribute something to the community. Larry is wondering if the PI is a Muslim because he wears a bowtie, and Larry thinks most black guys who wear bowties are Muslim. He talks to his black friend Wanda Sykes who tells him that Muslims don't go around hoarding bowties. Wanda is also bothered by Larry's new dog, who seemingly hates black people.

Marty Funkhouser invites Larry to his anniversary party, where Larry meets his daughter Jodi Funkhouser, a former lesbian who is now dating a man. Larry intimidates Jodi's boyfriend, telling him that it must be difficult to live up to female lovers, and tells Marty "congratulations" when he hears about Jodi "switching teams", which results in the entire lesbian community of LA hating Larry, including Rosie O'Donnell. Larry eventually gets back in the good graces of the lesbians, only to discover that his dog also hates lesbians and tries to attack Rosie O'Donnell.

Larry also has a run-in with a handicapped man who yells at him for using the handicapped stall when the others are full. At the end of the episode, Larry finds the handicapped man using a regular stall and yells at him since it is reserved for able-bodied people.

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