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The Blind Date is the third episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 4. It is the thirty-third episode overall.


Larry David's friend Michael has broken up with his girlfriend Rhonda, and because Larry has to do Michael's house cleaning, Larry wants to set Michael up with another woman. Michael complains that because he is blind, everyone but him can see what his girlfriend looks like.

Larry gets into an argument with Ben Stiller when he refuses to get into the front seat for the remainder of a short car ride, because it makes Ben feel like Larry's chauffeur. Ben is so angered that he tells Mel Brooks that either Larry is out of the The Producers production or he is, and Mel chooses Larry over Ben.

Cheryl David, Larry's wife, asks Larry to get her car washed. Larry gets the car washed at a charity car wash manned by mentally retarded adults. Afterwards he runs out of gas, and has an urgent need to use the bathroom. He goes around knocking on doors until Haboos, a Muslim woman who wears a burqa, agrees to let him use her bathroom and help him get gas. She is disappointed when he mentions his wife left the tank low, saying she has been hoping to meet a man. Larry is inspired to set her up on a blind date with Michael, since her interest in him suggests she is attracted to stocky bald men and her burqa addresses Michael's complaint, since no man can see what she looks like.

Larry has to chaperone the date, due to Muslim social rules. Haboos suggests they go for a walk. It is raining, and when Larry pops open the umbrella he accidentally knocks off Haboos's burqa. Larry and Michael commiserate with each other as they walk away.

The Davids' young houseguest Stewart impresses Larry with a card trick, and Larry demands to know how it's done. He refuses, saying a magician never reveals his tricks. Later Stewart shows the trick to one of the car washers, who immediately figures it out.

Jeff Greene says Cheryl popped into his masturbation fantasy and Larry is horrified, especially when Cheryl wears a sexy Halloween costume in front of Jeff. He is equally horrified at Susie Greene's Halloween costume, a dominatrix outfit. Later Susie pops into Larry's masturbation fantasy wearing the dominatrix costume; she says he is sick for having sexual fantasies about her and that she will now be "popping in" like this for the rest of his life.