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The Bi-Sexual is the seventh episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8. It is the seventy-seventh episode overall.


Larry David meets a woman, Jane Cohen at an art showing and talks to Rosie O'Donnell about how excited he is about the new woman he met, only to realize she met a woman there too--the same woman. They conclude that Jane is a bi-sexual and both lament that she should just "pick a side".

Larry also gets Japanese food and is annoyed when the waiter does not secure the take-out well enough, which makes the soup spill everywhere. At that restaurant, he runs into an old L.A. acquaintance and refuses to get lunch with him, since he knows they would never have had lunch together in L.A. Larry goes back to the restaurant and asks for an apology. The waiter bows and Larry feels very flattered to get a traditional Japanese bow.

In order to compete with Rosie's "lesbian advantage" Larry gets Viagra from Leon Black, who has followed him to New York uninvited. Larry refers to it as "juicing" since he is using it to win a competition.

The man Larry refused to go to lunch with chokes on his lunch while eating alone, and Larry realizes that if he got lunch with him, he could have saved him--even though he is alive and well in the hospital.

When the Viagra runs out, Larry must get more from a "drug dealer", an old man in Washington Square Park at night. During the day he sees a Japanese man apologize to another Japanese man, and he notices that his bow is far more sincere, and the angle is more like 90 degrees, as opposed to the waiter's 15 degrees. When he asks the Japanese man if that is the standard bow, the Japanese man tells him yes, and also tells him that the waiter gave him a "shit bow".

Later Larry David goes to the baseball hall of fame with Jane Cohen and accidentally steps on her shoe. She demands jokingly that he bow to her to apologize. He does a 90 degree bow and a Viagra pill falls out of his shirt pocket. Jane gets angry and tells him he will no longer "get in" to the baseball hall of fame.

Larry goes to visit the man who choked on his food, only to realize he is forced to have lunch with him in the hospital.