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The Benadryl Brownie is the second episode of Season 3 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is the 22nd overall episode.


Richard Lewis tells Larry (Larry David) that he's found "the one," his new girlfriend Deborah (Robin McDonald). He's a little concerned, though, because she's a Christian Scientist. "It's a nightmare for me because I'm under the weather 99 percent of the time," Richard explains. Larry buys a new cell phone, based on Richard's recommendation, and uses it to call Cheryl (Cheryl Hines). He tells her to call the chef from the restaurant they're investing in, and get him to cater a dinner party, where they'll meet Deborah, and Richard will show them his new HBO special. Richard tells Larry to pass the word to the chef not to add peanuts or peanut products to the food, because Deborah is allergic.

Jeff (Jeff Garlin) shows up at the dinner party with brownies that his ex-wife Susie (Susie Essman) made, which Deborah enjoys. However, Larry can't figure out how to operate his VCR. Mike (Anthony Griffith), the electronics "expert" Larry hired, was supposed to put everything on one remote, but he has seven remotes and nothing is working. Larry has to fire Mike, and he feels uncomfortable about it because Mike is black. Deborah starts to feel sick, and they question if it could be an allergic reaction. Cheryl claims that she never heard anything about Deborah's allergy, meaning that Larry's cell phone dropped the call before he told her. Richard takes Deborah home, and the special viewing is called off.

The next day, Larry meets with Mike for lunch and fires him. Mike becomes offended, thinking it's because of his race. When Larry comes to visit Deborah, he finds that her face has grotesquely swollen from her allergies. She won't take a Benadryl Allergy tablet, since this would betray her religious belief that the material world is an illusion, but insists that Richard follow through on his promise to take her to the Emmys. Richard blames Larry for not knowing how to use a cell phone, but Larry argues that the cell phone was faulty. Richard and Larry scheme to slip some Benadryl into the brownies Deborah liked. Larry visits Susie after being unable to call her, due to his phone encountering interference again. Susie says that it is faulty, since she had the same model. When Larry explains that Jeff brought Susie's brownies to the dinner party, Susie becomes upset because she made the brownies specifically for her daughter, Sammie, to take to school the next day. Larry asks for the recipe, but Susie refuses, as it is a secret family recipe. Larry purchases a mix instead. Because Larry does not know how to bake, he tasks Cheryl to bake the brownies with Benadryl, despite Cheryl's objections. Larry and Richard bring the medication brownies to Deborah, but she strongly dislikes them due to Cheryl confusing sugar with salt. At the Emmys, announcer Joan Rivers (as herself) derides Deborah's face, humiliating her and Richard.


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