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The Bare Midriff is the sixth episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7. It is the sixty-sixth episode overall.


Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld are distracted by their assistant, Maureen, who still has a big ass belly still thinks she is cut because she lost a lot of weight and thinks she looks attractive in a tiny cropped T-shirt. Larry asks her to wear something that doesn't show her stomach, and she says, "So what do you want me to wear, like a burqa?" and Larry replies, "No, something in between this and a burqa." Maureen decides to quit her job as Larry's assistant.

When Julia Louis-Dreyfus finds out, she is angry with Larry since Maureen's mother, an old widow, used to babysit her daughters, and she thinks that she might be unstable, and her daughter losing her job would lead to her committing suicide. She begs Larry to make Maureen come back.

Larry goes to Maureen's house and apologizes and tells Maureen to come back to work, regardless of what she wears. Maureen accepts. Larry meets Maureen's mother who tells Larry he looks exactly like her late husband, but Larry is suspicious that she just thinks all bald people look alike.

When Larry uses the bathroom at her house, he has a very strong flow and accidentally pees on a painting of Jesus on the wall, with his urine resembling a tear on Jesus' face. When Maureen discovers this, she believes that a miracle happened, and she wants to quit her job and move around the country showing the Jesus picture to the world with her mother. Larry doesn't have the heart to tell her that he peed on the picture, but he tries to hint that it is a coincidence.

When Maureen's mother finally realizes that Larry peed on the picture, she tries to kill herself by jumping off the roof of her building. Maureen goes up there to try and stop her, as does Larry. However, Larry slips and falls, and the only thing keeping him alive is Maureen's big ass gut, which he clings onto for dear life.