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The Anonymous Donor is the second episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 6. It is the fifty-second episode overall.


Larry donates a wing of a museum and is very pleased with himself until he realizes that his wing, which reads "Donated by Larry David" stands adjacent to a wing that reads "Donated By Anonymous" which is turns out, is Ted Danson, a friend of Larry's who is far too friendly with his wife Cheryl David. Larry is also annoyed when he finds out that Ted has been telling everyone that he is the anonymous donor, but insists that he "doesn't want the fanfare" (it's implied that Larry does want such a fanfare). At a ceremony, Senator Barbara Boxer toasts Larry for donating a wing, and then toasts to "anonymous" winking at Ted, and we hear someone in the crowd yell, "Yeah Ted!"

Larry is also convinced that the dry cleaner is corrupt because he has lost his Joe Peppitone jersey. He and Leon Black end up running into someone wearing the jersey, and Leon intimidates him into giving back the jersey. However, it turns out that it was the wrong jersey--and the guy they stole the jersey from is the curator of the museum that Larry donated the wing to. The guy "punishes" Larry by taking his name off the wing, which Larry is happy about, but then when he runs from another man he took a Joe Peppitone jersey from, he finds himself unable to seek refuge in the museum, because his name is no longer associated with it.