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The 5 Wood is the fifth episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 4. It is the thirty-fifth episode overall.


Larry is faced with being kicked out of his country club if he doesn't clean his locker. Instead, he, Jeff, Cheryl and Susie are kicked out when Larry takes his irreplaceable 5-wood golf club from Marty Funkhouser's deceased uncle Leo's casket at the funeral (Sven Jonsson, a country club employee of Norwegian ancestry, stole it and put it in after Larry inadvertently offended him by mistaking him for being of Swedish ancestry) and switches it with Jeff's. In order to be accepted into another country club, he and Cheryl pretend to be Republican WASPs.

David Schwimmer begins working on The Producers with Larry and tells Larry that his father runs the Health-Glo mixed nut company. Larry complains to David about the small number of cashew nuts in the cashew raisins bag, and asks him to pass the complaint on to his father.