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S3, E3 9

Ted Danson (born December 29, 1947) is an actor, and a frenemy of Larry and friend of Cheryl David. He is the ex-husband of Mary Steenburgen. He has appeared in every season except for season 2 & 8. He is Cheryl's close friend, and ultimate boyfriend, following her separation from Larry.


Season One: "Ted and Mary"

Season Three: "Chet's Shirt", "Club Salt and Soda", "The Nanny from Hell" and "The Corpse Sniffing Dog"

Season Four: "The Weatherman"

Season Five: "The Larry David Sandwich"

Season Six: "Meet the Blacks", "The Anonymous Donor", "The Freak Book" and "The Tivo Guy"

Season Seven: "The Hot Towel" and "Denise Handicapped"

Season Nine: "Foisted!", "The Pickle Gambit", "A Disturbance in the Kitchen", "Running with the Bulls" and "The Shucker"