S3, E3 9

Ted Danson (born 1947 December 29 California United States) he is an actor, and a friend of Larry David and Cheryl David. He is the husband of Mary Steenburgen. He has appeared in every season except for seasons 2 and 8. He is closer friends with Cheryl than he is with Larry, and in the episode The Anonymous Donor, Larry laments how close he is with Cheryl. Larry often believes that Ted is upstaging him.

His appearances on the show are


2. Ted and Mary

21. Chet's Shirt

23. Club Salt and Soda

24. The Nanny from Hell

27. The Corpse Sniffing Dog

34. The Weatherman

41. The Larry David Sandwich

51. Meet the Blacks

52. The Anonymous Donor

55. The Freak Book

57. The Tivo Guy

64. The Hot Towel

65. Denise Handicapped

81. Foisted

82. The Pickle Gambit

83. A Disturbance in the Kitchen

84. Running with the Bulls

89. The Shucker