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Shara is a Palestinian woman who either works at or owns a Palestinian chicken restaurant that Larry loves. She hates Jews, but makes an exception for Larry when she sees him rip off Marty Funkhouser's yamulke, which she calls a "Jew cap". The great sex they have makes Larry question his loyalty towards the Jewish community.

See Top 10 List of Larry's Women and vote! She won this.

Memorable Quotes[]

(to Larry)Shara: "You're a Jew, yes?"
Larry: "Yes, I am a Jew... a big Jew. Big."
Shara: "Big Jew, and you still told him to take off his Jew cap?"
Larry: "Yes I did."
Shara: "Thank you, my friend. What's your name?"
Larry: "Leib, son of Nat."
Shara: (repeating)"Leib, son of Nat."
Larry: "My friends call me Larry."
Shara: "I like you..."
Larry: "What's not to like?"
Shara: "Eh, You're a Jew."
Larry: "Eh."

Bedroom scene:[]

(to Larry)

  • "F**k me you f**king Jew!"
  • "You Zionist pig, you occupying f**k! Occupy this!"
  • "F**k me you Jew bastard! F**k me like Israel f**ked my people!"
  • "I'm going to f**k the Jew out of you!"
  • "You wanna f**k me, like Israel f**ked my country?!"
  • "Show me the promised land, huh?!"
  • "You circumcised f**k!"