Shara is an anti-Semitic Palestinian woman who either works at or owns a Palestinian chicken restaurant that Larry loves. She hates Jews, but makes an exception for Larry when she sees him rip off Marty Funkhouser's yamulke, which she calls a "Jew cap". The great sex they have makes Larry question his loyalty towards the Jewish community.

See Top 10 List of Larry's Women and vote! She won this.

Memorable QuotesEdit

(to Larry)Shara: "You're a Jew, yes?"
Larry: "Yes, I am a Jew... a big Jew. Big."
Shara: "Big Jew, and you still told him to take off his Jew cap?"
Larry: "Yes I did."
Shara: "Thank you, my friend. What's your name?"
Larry: "Leib, son of Nat."
Shara: (repeating)"Leib, son of Nat."
Larry: "My friends call me Larry."
Shara: "I like you..."
Larry: "What's not to like?"
Shara: "Eh, You're a Jew."
Larry: "Eh."

Bedroom scene:Edit

(to Larry)

  • "F**k me you f**king Jew!"
  • "You Zionist pig, you occupying f**k! Occupy this!"
  • "F**k me you Jew bastard! F**k me like Israel f**ked my people!"
  • "I'm going to f**k the Jew out of you!"
  • "You wanna f**k me, like Israel f**ked my country?!"
  • "Show me the promised land, huh?!"
  • "You circumcised f**k!"
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