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Season 3 of Curb Your Enthusiasm began on September 15, 2002 on the HBO Network.


Larry joins a restaurant venture with a group of investors, including Ted Danson and Michael York. A few sub-plots involve Larry being cast in a Martin Scorsese movie, an on again, off again feud with Stu and Susan Braudy and Larry getting a pubic hair stuck in his throat.



Main cast[]

Guest stars[]

Special guest stars[]

  • Michael York
  • Martin Short
  • Martin Scorsese


Picture Episode Episode Number Season Number Production Code Original Airdate
150px Chet's Shirt 21 3 September 15, 2002
Larry becomes obsessed with a shirt he sees in a dead friend's picture; Larry and Jeff become investors in a swanky new restaurant with Ted Danson and Michael York.
150px The Benadryl Brownie 22 3 September 22, 2002
Larry's first cell phone call leads to an allergic reaction involving Richard Lewis's Christian Scientist girlfriend.
150px Club Soda and Salt 23 3 September 29, 2002
Larry learns a restaurant tip about stains while searching for a new chef for the soon-to-be-opened restaurant; Larry becomes tennis partners with Cheryl when he becomes jealous of her current partner, Brad.
150px The Nanny From Hell 24 3 October 6, 2002
Jeff and Susie get back together after Jeff finds out that Susie is pregnant; Larry gets a restaurant investor's nanny (Cheri Oteri) - who used to work at Six Flags Magic Mountain Looney Tunes lodge - fired when he convinces her to let him use the investor's private bathroom.
150px The Terrorist Attack 25 3 October 13, 2002
Larry gets caught in the middle of a feud between Paul and Mindy Reiser (Paul Reiser, Linda Bates) and Susan and Steve Braudy (Amy Aquino, Don Stark). Wanda Sykes warns Larry and Cheryl that there will be a terrorist attack in L.A. the weekend they will be holding an NRDC benefit with Alanis Morissette.
150px The Special Section 26 3 October 20, 2002
Larry's mother dies, which he uses as an excuse to get out of things; Larry is angered when his mother's remains are put in a special section of the cemetery and teams up with his father (Shelley Berman), cousin (Richard Kind) and Jeff to put it right.
150px The Corpse Sniffing Dog 27 3 October 27, 2002
Larry talks the Greenes' daughter into giving their dog away after Jeff starts suffering from terrible allergies; later he has to devise a plan to get the dog back.
150px Krazee Eyez Killa 28 3 November 3, 2002
Larry befriends Wanda's fiancé, a rapper (Chris Williams), and searches L.A. for a jacket he urgently needs for the re-shoot of an upcoming Martin Scorsese film.
150px Mary, Joseph and Larry 29 3 November 10, 2002
Larry begins having problems with his housekeeper Dora. In an attempt to help Jeff, Larry supports his lie to Susie. This leads to Dora thinking that Cheryl dislikes her—and Dora resigns. Cheryl invites her family home for the holidays.
150px The Grand Opening 30 3 November 17, 2002
With the restaurant opening in days, Larry manages to fire the chef; accidentally break the thumbs of a food critic and hire a new chef with Tourette syndrome with mixed results.