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Season 6 of Curb Your Enthusiasm began on September 9, 2007 on the HBO Network.


Cheryl and Larry shelter a New Orleans family named the Blacks (Vivica A. Fox and J. B. Smoove) in their house, after a hurricane destroys the Blacks' home. A distracted phone call between Larry and Cheryl causes her to re-evaluate their marriage dynamic and they soon separate; Larry thus returns to the dating scene.



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Picture Episode Episode Number Season Number Production Code Original Airdate
150px Meet the Blacks 51 6 September 9, 2007
Cheryl talks Larry into adopting the Blacks, a family displaced by a hurricane; Larry invents an excuse for missing a party which quickly catches on.
150px The Anonymous Donor 52 6 September 16, 2007
The Davids and the Blacks move into a new house; Larry has a wing named after him but is upstaged by an anonymous donor. Larry takes an ejaculate-stained bedsheet to the dry-cleaners and finds that his shirt has been picked up by another patron.
150px The Ida Funkhouser Roadside Memorial 53 6 September 23, 2007
Larry is given an unspendable banknote and is accused of pinching flowers by a grieving Marty Funkhouser. Meanwhile, a run-in with a somewhat selfish woman, whom he accuses of abusing her "sample privileges" produces dire consequences for Jeff's daughter and Loretta's kids.
150px The Lefty Call 54 6 September 30, 2007
Larry regrets getting Richard Lewis' girlfriend Cha Cha (Tia Carrere) a job near the office bathroom; a waiter gets into a doggy-bag dispute; and Larry proves inept at "talking lefty."
150px The Freak Book 55 6 October 7, 2007
Larry attends Ted Danson's birthday party but is bothered by his chauffeur having to wait outside; A book about freaks, coupled with the chauffeur's incapacity, sets Larry up for a string of ejections involving Danson, John McEnroe and a group of mourners.
150px The Rat Dog 56 6 October 14, 2007
Larry ruins Leon and Loretta's respective job chances via an accidental cell phone swap and a slow toaster. Larry also offends a deaf woman over her dog which looks similar to a rat; and a 'massage with happy ending' gift to Larry's dad causes confusion.
150px The TiVo Guy 57 6 October 21, 2007
Cheryl, while on a flight that encounters dangerous weather calls Larry, who has the TiVo guy over at his house (Kevin Heffernan) and asks her to call him back. Cheryl turns to the man sitting next to her for support. Cheryl leaves Larry and their mutual friends have to choose sides, with Cheryl being chosen by nearly all of Larry's friends. Larry goes on a date with Lucy Lawless.
150px The N Word 58 6 October 28, 2007
Larry offends Auntie Rae after an overly long hug. Jeff's stay at the hospital to get a "snore job" opens up a new opportunity for Larry, who takes full advantage of it. Also, after Larry hears a man use a racial slur offensive to African-Americans, he can't seem to say the word while relaying that story without having African-Americans hear it. Brenda Strong, Ben Stiller, and Phil LaMarr guest star in the episode.
150px The Therapists 59 6 November 4, 2007
Larry alienates Cheryl by following the advice of his therapist (Steve Coogan). In an attempt to win her back he tries to curry favor with Cheryl's therapist by staging a mugging attempt. Marty Funkhouser collects money for a charity under false pretenses.
150px The Bat Mitzvah 60 6 November 11, 2007
Larry "recommends" a former Seinfeld director (Michael McKean) to Richard Lewis. As Jeff's daughter's bat mitzvah approaches, he uses the opportunity to address a malicious rumor. Larry sees Loretta in a new light.