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Season 4 of Curb Your Enthusiasm began on January 4, 2004 on the HBO Network.


Larry works with Mel Brooks, Ben Stiller, Cady Huffman and David Schwimmer to star on Broadway in The Producers. Larry also struggles to fulfill his wife's tenth anniversary present to him – a one-time-only act of adultery.



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Picture Episode Episode Number Season Number Production Code Original Airdate
150px Mel's Offer 31 4 January 4, 2004
Larry is offered the lead role in Mel Brooks' musical, The Producers. Larry reminds Cheryl of an anniversary gift she had promised him ten years earlier.
150px Ben's Birthday Party 32 4 January 11, 2004
Larry is reunited with his blind friend, Michael; the Davids are invited to Ben Stiller's birthday dinner.
150px The Blind Date 33 4 January 18, 2004
Larry sets up Michael on a "blind" date with a veiled Muslim woman (Moon Zappa); Jeff admits to Larry he fantasized about Cheryl.
150px The Weatherman 34 4 January 25, 2004
Larry is angered by a weatherman's wrong forecast; Larry scares the Greenes' daughter with a hideous photograph of his tooth plaque.
150px The 5 Wood 35 4 February 1, 2004
Larry faces termination from his country club if his locker is not cleaned; Larry steals a golf club from a deceased person's casket.
150px The Car Pool Lane 36 4 February 8, 2004
Larry finds an innovative way to use the HOV lane while driving to a Los Angeles Dodgers game on time: hiring a prostitute (Kym Whitley) as a passenger in his car so he can drive through the carpool lane; Larry attempts to get medicinal marijuana for his father; Marty Funkhouser (Bob Einstein) is reluctant to give up his dead father's seat.
150px The Surrogate 37 4 February 22, 2004
Larry befriends a surrogate mother; Larry confronts his doctor about the waiting room's magazine selection. He also needs a clean bill of health for his lead role in The Producers but finds himself in more awkward situations with racial encounters and dealing with the father of David Schwimmer, to name a few.

Note: "The Doll" was also the name of a Seinfeld episode.

150px Wandering Bear 38 4 February 29, 2004
Larry's purchase of an adult video causes him trouble when his longtime assistant, Antoinette, becomes unstable after breaking up with a boyfriend. Larry gets some herbal remedies from his gardener, Wandering Bear.
150px The Survivor 39 4 March 7, 2004
Larry receives a tempting offer from a Hasidic dry cleaner (Gina Gershon); Larry and Cheryl plan to celebrate their 10th anniversary with a vow renewal. Due to a misunderstanding, the Rabbi conducting the ceremony brings a "Survivor" (Colby Donaldson from the TV series) to a social occasion and Larry's father brings a Holocaust survivor, leading to an argument between the two over who is the "better Survivor."
150px Opening Night 40 4 March 14, 2004
Larry opens on Broadway with The Producers and forgets his lines during the performance; Cheryl reminds Larry to cash in on his present before "midnight" of the opening. Stephen Colbert has a cameo appearance as a crazed audience member. Jerry Seinfeld also has a short cameo in the audience.