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Officer Krupke is the eighth episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7. It is the sixty-eighth episode overall.


Cheryl David competes with another woman for the role of George's ex-wife for the Seinfeld reunion show. While Larry is dead-set on choosing Cheryl for the role, Jerry Seinfeld wants to cast the other woman. To make matters weirder, the other woman and her husband proposition Cheryl for a threesome, and when Larry sees the woman with a broken neck, he thinks that perhaps she broke it while performing oral sex on Cheryl.

Susie Greene finds a pair of women's underwear in her husband Jeff Greene's car. Jeff begs Larry to cover for him by telling Susie that he enjoys wearing women's underwear and that they're his. Susie doesn't believe him at first, but eventually believes him, and thinks he's sick.

In addition, Larry loses his pants while trying on pants at Banana Republic when an alarm goes off. He meets a police officer, named Officer Krupke, who Larry teases about being named after the police officer in West Side Story. Larry also gets in trouble when kids at a lemonade stand think that he cursed at them.