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Larry and Cheryl have their tenth wedding anniversary coming up. Larry flashes back to when they agreed to get married, and Cheryl promised him permission to sleep with another woman if they stayed married for ten years. Cheryl says she will uphold the promise, but she wants to renew their vows and have a proper wedding. Larry agrees, but he is tentative about his ability, or lack thereof, to pick up women. He speaks with a woman at a bar and fails miserably, to prove to his friend Jeff Greene that he is terrible at picking up women. At the same bar, where Mel Brooks is performing, he pressures Larry to sing karaoke. Larry is awkward about it at first, but eventually sings and has a decent singing voice, which Mel takes notice of. Mel asks Larry to meet him at his office.

When Larry goes to Mel's office, he first almost runs over a man in a wheelchair, talking on the cell phone, and they get into an argument over whether or not it's okay for someone to talk on their phone when crossing the street, if they're in a wheelchair. He walks into Mel's office and meets with Mel's secretary, a lesbian who is in the process of adopting a little boy from China. Larry offends and alienates her when he suggests the names "Wang" and "Tang" for her child, citing the entire "Ang" family as a good resource for baby names.

Mel accidentally hits Larry with the bathroom door on his way out and creates a gash in Larry's forehead. Jeff takes Larry to the hospital, and Larry is told to sign in and that Dr. Morrison would be with him "in a minute". After several minutes, Larry gets bored and decides to call Jeff using the doctor's phone. Dr. Morrison shows up and gets annoyed that Larry used his phone. After a back-and-forth about the phone, Dr. Morrison examines Larry's cut and drools on his head while taking care of him, making Larry furious.

Mel offers Larry the lead in his musical, The Producers alongside Ben Stiller. Later, Larry takes painkillers for his forehead gash and drools over a balcony on the same doctor who drooled on him.