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Meet The Blacks is the first episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 6. It is the fifty-first episode overall.


Cheryl David (Cheryl Hines) wants to take in a displaced family from Hurricane Edna. Larry is uncomfortable with the idea. The Davids skip Marty Funkhouser's party, and Larry tells Jeff Greene that he is going to excuse himself by stopping by the Funkhousers' the evening after, pretending that he got the date for the party wrong. When the Davids do this, however, Marty feels bad about their having missed the party and invites them in. The Davids are unable to refuse, since their showing up implies that they had no other plans for the evening. Jeff and his wife Susie arrive, having copied Larry's idea, roping them all in even further. The Funkhousers feed them delicious leftover chocolate cake and get them all to play a home version of "The Newlywed Game", and draw the question of which of the couple's close friends the husband would like to have sex with. Larry picks Cha Cha because Cheryl said she was sexy, only to find himself shamed and reviled by everyone else at the get-together because he was the only one of the six who did not say that he/her husband would never cheat. He is only able to negotiate with Cheryl to make up with him by agreeing to take in a displaced family.

The Davids take in an African-American family, the Blacks: Loretta Black, Auntie Rae, and Loretta's two children. Larry says that because they're Black, and their last name is Black, it would be like him being named "Larry Jew", which disappoints the Blacks because they thought he would be funnier. The Davids also are late picking them up for the airport due to trying the same trick with Ted Danson as they tried on the Funkhousers. Having enjoyed the cake at the Funkhousers, the Davids go to buy another from the same bakery for the welcome party, only to find it is an erotic bakery and they were eating a cake shaped like male genitalia. They walk out in disgust, but Jeff orders the same cake without knowing what it is and opens it up in front of the horrified Black children.

After the welcome party is over, Larry apologies to Loretta about the cake and asks her to stop her habit of smoking indoors while she is their guest. She spitefully sticks her lit cigarette into the cake Larry is eating, and he discards it in the trash. The cigarette ignites the trash, and the house burns down. Ted shows up at the ruins of the house, having got the date for the welcome party wrong.