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Leon Luci Black was born on February 29, 1976 in Louisiana, United States. He is the brother of Loretta Black, a woman displaced during Hurricane Edna whose family move in with Larry David and Cheryl David. When the Blacks move in Season 6, Leon Black just shows up and also takes refuge in the Davids' house, even though he already lived in L.A. and never experienced Hurricane Edna.

Relationship with Larry[]

At first Leon and Larry David aren't very close, but eventually Larry realizes that Leon's brawn can make up for Larry's wimpy attitude when dealing with tougher men. He uses Leon to confront guys he is afraid of, and in doing this, they become friends. Meanwhile, Larry and Loretta Black become romantically intertwined, but she leaves him after becoming convinced that Larry has cheated on her. After Loretta, her children and mother Auntie Rae leave his house, Larry asks Leon, "I guess this means you'll be...?" Leon replies, "Going upstairs to eat this f----- Chinese food in my f----- room," and continues to stay at the house, uninvited.

Leon regularly gives Larry romantic advice. In the episode Denise Handicapped when Larry is concerned about whether or not he successfully pleasured a handicapped woman, Leon says, "Did you bring it, Larry?" He also expects Larry to hide a married woman he is sleeping with in the episode Vehicular Fellatio. He says to Larry that since they're friends, Larry is just as responsible for the affair as he is. "You f----- her" Leon says, "We're intertwined in each other."

In the episode The Safehouse in Season 8, Larry mistakenly implies to his doctor that he and Leon are in a romantic relationship and Leon is abusing him.


Leon is a supporting character from season 6 through 8. He appears in 15 episodes over these three seasons. He is introduced in the season six episode "The Anonymous Donor" and appears in the last 5 episodes of the season. In season 7 he appears in four episodes: "Funkhouser's Crazy Sister", "Vehicular Fellatio", "Denise Handicapped" and "The Table Read". in season 8 he appears in five episodes: the first, the second, the seventh, the ninth and the tenth.

In season nine he becomes a main character and appears in every episode but "Never Wait for Seconds!"