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Kamikaze Bingo is the fourth episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 5. It is the forty-forth episode overall.


Larry has dinner with his wife Cheryl David, and their friend Yoshi, a Japanese art dealer. When Yoshi tells Larry that his grandfather, who has been hanging out with Larry's father Nat David in the retirement home, was a kamikaze pilot, Larry suggests that he shouldn't still be alive since the point of being a kamikaze pilot was to kill yourself. Larry insinuates that Yoshi's father deliberately skimmed the surface in the plane to stay alive and Yoshi is greatly uncomfortable with the conversation (since cowardice is considered a great dishonor in Japan). When the waiter comes by, Larry orders Chicken Terriyaki (and keeps mentioning the word "chicken") for dinner, causing the already emotionally distressed Yoshi to believe that Larry is calling him a chicken.

Later, Larry goes to his friend, Yoshi's brother-in-law's, house, to play cards. His friend gets a call from the hospital saying that Yoshi tried to kill himself. With no way to lock the house if they were to leave and not knowing what else to do to pass the time, Larry and the other guys continue to play cards after Yoshi's brother-in-law leaves to go to the hospital. It turns out that Yoshi tried to kill himself because of what Larry said about his grandfather. Upon returning, Yoshi;s brother-in-law is greatly offended by Larry and the guys for continuing to play their game as if nothing happened after hearing about Yoshi and furiously throws them out of the house.

In addition, Larry has trouble at his father's retirement home because he believes the bingo game is fixed between two old women, resident Ruth and caller Lenore. He also catches his father watching an adult movie at an incredibly high volume.

He later talks to Yoshi's father but Yoshi's brother-in-law drags Larry away accusing him of only pretending to care about Yoshi's accident given how (he perceives) carless Larry was about it. He then tells Larry that the reason Yoshi tried to kill himself was because Yoshi thought Larry was calling him a chicken. Larry explains that he was only ordering chicken and then yells at the brother-in-law for disrupting the game for which he was going to win alot of money, so the brother-in-law promises to pay him the money if he apologizes to Yoshi.

Larry decides to apologize to Yoshi, but is eating shelled nuts during the apology. Yoshi doesn't accept the apology because he decides you can't eat and apologize at the same time, especially if it involves de-shelling too. Later, Larry returns to the Japenese restraunt and the cheffs making clucking noises at Larry (since he always orders chicken terriyaki and is nicknamed "Chicken Terriyaki Boy"), but Yoshi happens to walk into the restraunt at the exact same time, causing him to run away thinking that they are also making fun of him and attempt suicide again. Yoshi's brother-in-law accuses Larry of telling the chefs to call Yoshi a chicken and doesn't believe Larry's claims that his nickname is Chicken-Terriyaki boy (even after Charol confirms this) thinking that "No one has a nickname like that". This, plus Larry's botched apology, makes the brother-in-law refuse to pay Larry the money, so Larry instead makes a deal with him that if he beats him in bingo at the retirement center then he will get paid.

Larry wins the bingo game, but the other residents gang up on Larry because they think that he was trying to kill Ruth (Larry was trying to tell his deaf father, who Ruth was sitting beside, that Yoshi didnt die [repeating the word "Die!" loudly several times] which was partly seen by another resident). Larry tries in vain to explain himself and his father is too deaf to understand what is happening to explain and the brother-in-law refuses to help. For payback, Yoshi's grandfather charges Larry in a motorized wheelchair.