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Funkhouser's Crazy Sister is the first episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7. It is the sixty-first episode overall.


Larry David is now dating Loretta Black and has been for a while. Unfortunately, he is no longer interested in her and wants to break up, but she is sick and waiting on a biopsy which might tell her she has cancer. Larry wants to break up with her before the biopsy comes back, because he thinks it's rude to break up with someone who has cancer. He gets into an argument with her doctor over whether or not it's okay to take things out of a host's refrigerator without asking. When he consults Marty Funkhouser on the issue, he says, "Liquids are okay." Larry forcefully offers Loretta's doctor a tiny pear to make up for the fact that he didn't offer him any food when he first got to the kitchen.

Marty Funkhouser tells Larry David that his mentally ill sister Bam Bam is visiting. Larry says, "Anything I can do..." but it's an empty offer. Marty takes him up on his empty offer and tells Larry that it would be great if he would visit with Bam Bam. Larry agrees to this, but brings Jeff Greene, who takes this as an opportunity to cheat on his wife Susie Greene with Bam Bam.

Later, at Susie Greene's dinner party, Bam Bam tells everyone that she and Jeff had sex, but Jeff passes it off as her insane rambling, and tells everyone she is just being crazy.

Larry runs into Loretta's doctor and his partner and admits he is surprised he is gay. The doctor and his partner pester Larry about what "seeming gay" means, and Larry answers that the doctor doesn't seem very gay, but his partner seems more gay. Loretta's biopsy comes back before Larry can break up with her, and she has cancer, so he has to stay with her.