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Dino aka Big Dog is a character featured in the Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 episode, The Smiley Face. He works in Larry's building as a producer for a shark show, "Great White Wonderland".

He asks Larry if he can have one of his cabinet spaces to store food for his cast. Larry agrees but he inconsiderately takes two cabinets instead, leaving Larry’s food crammed in the remaining one.

Larry tries to talk to him about this, also stating that told Mad Dog that he could only have ONE cabinet, but Mad Dog defends himself that his cast eats a lot of food. Larry points out the differences in their cabinet spaces and says it isn’t fair. Mad Dog gets offended and states that he is known for being "clean and fair". So Larry tries to compromise by suggesting that they each get one cabinet to themselves and split the second one between them so they have equal space, but Mad Dog refuses.

Later he and Larry get into a fight when Larry tries to store bread on the counter space (since he has no room left in his cabinet) and Mad Dog objects.

When Larry returns to the kitchen later, he finds that Mad Dog has taken it entirely for himself.