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Club Soda and Salt is the third episode of Season 3 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is the 23nd overall episode.


Larry (Larry David) comes home to find Cheryl (Cheryl Hines) laughing it up with her actor friend and tennis partner, Brad (Josh Temple). "Maybe I'll go out and get myself a heterosexual woman to play golf with," Larry suggests. Cheryl says she wouldn't see Brad if Larry would play tennis with her, and Larry says he will.

At the restaurant, Larry is amazed when the manager (Jim Staahl) removes a wine stain from a couch with club soda and salt. Then Randy (John Hayman), the chef, tells Jeff (Jeff Garlin) and Larry that he can't handle the pressure of the high-profile job, and he quits. Ted Danson suggests they hire his cook, Josh (Daniel Escobar). Larry and Jeff give him a tryout, but Larry finds Josh's food "too saucy."

The tennis goes badly because Larry is irritated by Cheryl's grunting. Or maybe it's just that she beats him. Cheryl tells Larry she's going to see a play, but is slow to mention that Brad is starring in it.

Later, Larry and Cheryl try to give old friends an expensive bottle of wine as a wedding gift but they refuse because it is past the one year wedding gift deadline.

When Cheryl and Larry go shopping for a wedding gift, Larry is accosted by an overzealous saleswoman (Laura Silverman) who doesn't seem to understand the concept of "browsing." While Larry and Cheryl are driving to deliver the gift, Brad calls and mentions a chef at a local restaurant is leaving soon, making him a possible replacement for Randy. The saleswoman calls the police when she thinks Larry is following her in his car. Larry, Cheryl, Jeff, and Brad dine at the restaurant to try out the chef, and Larry and David share the expensive wine. The saleswoman's boyfriend accosts Larry for stalking her, causing him to spill the wine on Cheryl's dress. While the boyfriend is throttling him, Larry gawks at Brad using the club soda and salt trick on the wine stain, in the process manhandling Cheryl's breasts.


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