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Cheryl David is the tritagonist of Curb Your Enthusiasm. She is Larry David's wife.


Cheryl comes from a religious Christian family, consisting of her parents who seem cold around her husband Larry and her sister Becky.


She is close with comedian Wanda Sykes and actor Ted Danson. Larry often feels threatened by her friendship with Ted.


Cheryl is passionate about environmental issues, and is an aspiring actress, briefly appearing in The Vagina Monologues. It is hinted at that she is mostly interested in Larry for his money in the episode "The End," when Larry temporarily dies and from his deathbed he sees her ask his doctor immediately about what she should do about his will. After their separation in Season 6, Larry tries to win her back.


She appears in every episode of the first six seasons (archival footage in "The N Word"). She doesn't appear in the season 7 episodes "Vehicular Fellatio", "The Hot Towel", "Denise Handicapped, and "The Black Swan", she's still considered a main character. In the eighth season she's not a main character anymore and appears only in "The Divorce". In season nine she becomes again a main character and doesn't appear in the episodes "Thank You For Your Service", "The Accidental Text on Purpose", "Namaste" and "Never Wait for Seconds"

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