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Ben's Birthday Party is the second episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 4. It is the thirty-second episode overall.


Larry also reunites with his blind friend, Michael (blind pianist) who is working on The Producers with him. He introduces Larry to his girlfriend Rhonda, who is an unattractive woman who falsely told Michael that she was a model. She expects Larry to lie for her.

Then, at Ben Stiller's birthday party, Larry doesn't bring a gift because Ben told him "No gifts". However, it turns out that Ben actually wanted a gift, and was only trying to be polite by asking Larry not to bring one. Also, while playing a game of "telephone" with the children at the party, Larry says "I love tits", thinking that one of the little boys whispered it to him, when the real message was "I love pigs". Larry also insults Susie's glittery homemade sweatshirts, but eventually decides to make amends by buying one to give to Ben as a gift.

Richard Lewis also asks Larry to convince his family friend's daughter, Kim that she doesn't need breast implants, which she plans on getting for her acting career. Larry fails, and Kim ends up getting the implants and putting Larry's hands on her breasts to show him how real they feel. Cheryl catches Larry doing this. Combining this with Larry's use of the word "titmouse" when he sees a regular mouse, and Larry's "telephone" faux pas, she decides that he has a breast fetish.