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Beloved Aunt is the eighth episode of Season 1 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is the eighth overall episode.


During the mourning for Cheryl's aunt, the boyfriend of Cheryl's sister Becky confides in Larry that he was just about to break up with Becky when the call about her aunt's death came in, and asks how long he should wait before proceeding with the breakup. Larry assures him that since it was her aunt and not a parent, he can break up with Becky as soon as they get back from the bereavement trip.

Cheryl's parents (Paul Dooley, Julie Payne) ask Larry to write an obituary for Cheryl's aunt, and a newspaper error results in the letter 'c' replacing the 'a' in 'aunt'. Cheryl's entire family believes Larry wrote the obituary as printed as a misguided joke. Moreover, Becky's boyfriend breaks up with her and tells her all about his conversation with Larry (omitting the part where Larry told him to wait until after the trip), so Cheryl's family kicks Larry out of the house, forcing him to seek alternate lodgings for the night.


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